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How can counselling help you?

Counselling is an opportunity to explore your concerns in a safe and confidential environment.


…. Think of life as a journey.

We all encounter difficulties from time to time. Life’s road is rarely smooth and straight and we never know what is around the corner. There is a good and bad side to this. Experiencing the twists and turns, the hills and valleys, can bring depth to our character, to our soul. It can make our life rewarding and exciting.


However, the bad side is that sometimes we just don’t feel up to the journey. We may feel ill prepared to face the challenges we encounter, or overwhelmed by the terrain we find ourselves in. Sometimes it feels like we're stuck in the middle of a dark forest and we can’t see which way to go. We feel afraid and anxious.


At these times of challenge, it can be great to have someone join you on your journey. I see my role as a counsellor in this way. I can help you to understand where you find yourself, who you are and what is troubling you. I can listen, help you to assess the situation. Then I can help you to carry on.


There is no set way to continue, but I can help you to consider alternative routes. I can help you to find the resources you need to carry on. To reconnect with or find your own inner strengths. I will help you to find the best path forward, depending on who you are and where you’re heading.

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I am experienced in working with:

> Trauma > Depression & anxiety > Stress management > Life transition issues > Relationship and family difficulties > Drug and alcohol issues > Self esteem > Spiritual wellbeing Ruth Counselling Psychologist What Can Counselling Help You With? >

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