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Counselling Psychologist (HCPC Registered)

Voice Dialogue Facilitator  

"Believe you can and you're halfway there"


“I have full confidence in Christina's practice as a Counsellor. I regard her very highly, and find she is a skilled, ethical and talented practitioner”


- Vanessa

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- Theodore Roosevelt

"Having known Christina for many years, my life has been enriched beyond words. She brings integrity, honesty and compassion to all aspects of her work."


- Karla

“I found Christina’s work to be thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate and insightful”


- Michelle

“I have found Christina to be very helpful in a surprisingly short space of time. She can reach the essence of my problem and help me turn it round, so I not only feel better but also reach my goals. She is kind, compassionate and intelligent and I would highly recommend her to anyone”


- Erica

"With her intelligence, sensitivity, and understanding, Christina has been one of the best people I have ever worked with."


- Katherine

Christina is a most sensitive, gifted and compassionate practitioner, and her non-intrusive and confident approach transformed me into a place of refound enthusiasm and strength to deal with a major challenge.


- Ellen

I found Voice Dialogue to be the most amazing, functional and liberating tool for managing my emotions that I have ever come across in 30 years of counselling experience.  


- Heather  


The client group that Christina worked with often presented with challenging behaviours and complex traumatisation, as well multiple mental health concerns including dissociation, depression and anxiety. Christina was able to consistently offer effective and compassionate counseling to all of her clients.


- Julie

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I was fortunate enough to have Christina recommended to me at a time when I felt in despair at my condition, feeling I would never get better. Christina's professionalism and ability to communicate put me on the road to recovery after a short period of consultation. I would recommned her wholeheartedly.    -  Margaret