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Voice Dialogue Facilitator  

Experience the wonder of Voice Dialogue

I teach Voice Dialogue as introductory evenings, and day or weekend seminars.


These groups are designed for anyone interested in personal development and professional training, as well as practitioners who want to extend their facilitation skills.


I can design a Voice Dialogue workshop or training to suit the particular interest or needs of your group or workplace. People often participate to explore their personal lives and relationships without the intention to becoming a facilitator.


These seminars are very “hands on”, giving people an opportunity to experience Voice Dialogue, and to learn how to use it to improve their relationships, work experience and personal life.


Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of the Selves is a great method to use with groups of people. I offer a variety of workshops or trainings. Please contact me to discuss adapting these basic workshops to best suit the needs of your company or group.  

Find out more about:

> Holding ourselves in high Esteem
> Freeing ourselves from stress
> Understanding relationship
> Creativity, flow and meaning. "Doing" and "Being"
> Running a business with our inner selves
> Art Play - Creating your own Inner Selves cards
> Facilitator training in Voice Dialogue
Counselling Psychologist Individual Sessions in Voice Dialogue >

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Understanding and liberating ourselves from the inner critic

Understanding why we push ourselves so hard and creating an effective work life balance

Freeing ourselves from negative relationship patterns while being true to our inner selves

Understanding how different parts impact upon our decisions and success