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Which profile best describes you?


Having difficulties making an important decision?



Coping with a big change in your life - such as divorce, or death of a loved one?


Feeling stressed, anxious, depressed and wanting to know how to feel better?



Lacking in confidence or tired of always putting yourself down?



Searching for more meaning or creativity in your life?



Someone who's had a trauma recently, or in the past?





Voice Dialogue and The Psychology of the Selves

I am an experienced Voice Dialogue facilitator and offer individual or group facilitation in Voice Dialogue, also known as the Psychology of Selves.


We all have many different aspects to us. We often refer to these as parts or inner selves. Sometimes we become aware of these parts when we have to make a decision. For example, if we were to consider what we'd like to do this weekend.

Getting to know these parts can be a wonderful way to create more contentment in your life through having more understanding, self awareness and choice in your life. Many people, including myself, find Voice Dialogue a really enjoyable therapy. To have the opportunity to express your inner selves can be extremely liberating!


Voice dialogue can help you to understand what is going on in your mind, in your body and with your relationships.


Workshops & Training

" One part of me wants to work hard to finish that long list of jobs that are waiting to be done (the inner pusher), but another part of me wants to relax and have fun (the easy going part)".

Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of the Selves is a fantastic method to use with groups of people. I offer a variety of workshops or training. Please contact me to discuss adapting these basic workshops to best suit the needs of your company or group.


Holding ourselves in high Esteem - Understanding and liberating ourselves from the inner critic.



Freeing ourselves from stress - Understanding why we push ourselves so hard and creating an effective work life balance.



Understanding relationship - freeing ourselves from negative relationship patterns while being true to our inner selves.



Creativity, flow and meaning. "Doing" and "Being."



ArtPlay - Creating your own Inner Selves cards.


Voice Dialogue
Workshops & training
Workshops & Training

Counselling can address all these issues and more. Whatever is troubling you, it can really help to talk to someone and be free to say exactly what you need to.

I have experience in drawing upon a range of therapies to best suit your individual needs and to make sure counselling is effective for you.


If you imagine counselling as an unfolding journey, then I can help you to choose the path that will help you to best get where you want to go, while feeling safe and supported. It is important to chose a counsellor who is right for you. So I invite you to contact me by email to arrange a FREE 15-30 minute "get to know me" session. Or email me with a question.


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