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Have you ever wondered why you sometimes want different things

at the same time?

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Do you sometimes decide to go out somewhere or see someone, settle on that decision, but then wonder if you should have done something different?


It is as if we have different sides of us that want to pull us in different directions.


Imagine there is a work party...


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Voice Dialogue

On the one hand

You feel obliged to go,

It will keep you in with the team and show you are a player,

And if you can connect with the right people in an informal setting It may be another important step in furthering your career.

"As we embrace all that we are, we naturally become more fully human and more compassionate. We don’t have to learn compassion, it just appears. After all, everything out there is within each of us".

- Hal & Sidra Stone Ph.Ds.  

Developers of the Voice Dialogue Process.


On the other hand

Another internal voice tells you it will be as boring as ever,

Reminds you that it is the end of the week and you are really tired

And suggests that it would be much more fun this evening

If you went to a movie you've been dying to see with your friends.

What other parts do we have?


In your work or business life you may be familiar with inner voices such as:-

The Optimist; the Entrepeneur; the Perfectionist

or The Pusher (that part gets you to do a lot of things and makes the lists!)


Other parts may be a part of your private life such as:-

The Romantic; the Adventurer or the Sports lover


Some inner selves you may feel you have lost touch with or never really known,  

such as:- The Day Dreamer; the Playful child or the the Rebel.


Voice Dialogue brings us understanding and clarity.

Voice dialogue provides a safe way to experience these different aspects of our self.  


The intention of Voice Dialogue is to discover the complexity of who we are and how we work.  


Rather than focusing on what is wrong with us, Voice Dialogue helps us to become aware of the different parts of our self and how they interact and affect our decision making.


Voice Dialogue helps us to develop an internal centre from which we can navigate our world with more awareness and choice. Then, we are better equipped to understand our relationship patterns, our personal and our business choices.  


Greater awareness, more choice

Picture yourself as a conductor, with many instruments around you, ready to play the melody that you desire.  


These instruments represent different aspects or parts of you.  

You are aware that if you introduce the violins you will create a certain musical mood.  


However, if you introduce the drums you will create a quite different feel, and tempo.


As the conductor we respectfully know that every instrument has a unique sound and something to add to the whole melody.  


When we stand in the place of conductor, who intimately knows the value of each instrument, then we can learn to direct our musical instruments/inner aspects and create melodies that reflect our individuality, uniqueness and diversity.  


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